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Projects and References

In my Master's thesis "Identifying Failures in Machine Learning Simulations" I used Machine Learning techniques to fit high dimensional Potential Energy Surfaces to create so-called Machine Learning Potentials and investigated where they can go wrong. MDSuite is a python software package that I contributed to. It provides post-processing calculations for Molecular Dynamics simulations and helps the user to analyze the system. It is available on GitHub. The project "Dipole Visualization" shows the electric field of a dipole. It was created using glowscript (a JavaScript framework) during my exchange year to help students understand electricity. "Field visualization" is a similar project that aims to display how charges move through magnetic and electric fields.


I am a computational physicist from Stuttgart. The picture above shows Feuersee a central place in Stuttgart. I am interested in Software Development, Physics and Machine Learning.

Computational Physicist

  • Birthday: 21 January 1997
  • Email:
  • Degree: Master of Science
  • City: Stuttgart, Germany

I knew a year before I graduated from high school that I wanted to study physics due to the exceptional interest I had for the investigation of natural phenomenons. During my studies, I realized that I really liked the practicality of computers and decided to specialize in the field of simulation methods and computational physics. In my free time I like to do sports especially combat sports, read and hang out with friends.



Master of Science in Physics

2019 - 2022

University of Stuttgart

  • The study included laboratories, experimental and theoretical physics with a specialization in simulation methods.
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics

    2015 - 2019

    University of Stuttgart

  • I started to study physics because I was really curious about natural phenomenons and always liked it.
  • Graduation from High School


    Gymnasium Korntal-Münchingen

  • Finishing general education and obtaining a university entrance qualification.
  • Other Experiences

    Master's Thesis

    12/2020 - 12/2021

    University of Stuttgart

  • During my Master's thesis "Identifying Failures in Machine Learning Potentials" I used Machine Learning methods to fit high dimensional Potential Energy Surfaces.
  • Comparing Classical Molecular Dynamics Simulations with Machine Learning Molecular Dynamics Simulations.
  • Investigating how the training data for the Machine Learning Model has to look like.
  • Working in a group on software projects.
  • Exchange Year

    08/2017 - 05/2018

    Carson, California, USA

  • Studied at the California State University Dominguez Hills.
  • Improved my English skills a lot.
  • Professional Experience

    Student Assistant

    12/2020 - 03/2022

    University of Stuttgart

    • Integrating the publications of the Institute for Computational Physics into the new PUMA system of the University of Stuttgart.
    • Keeping the list of publications on the Institute website up to date.
    • Technologies used: Git and Latex.

    Teaching: Computer Basics

    10/2019 - 03/2020

    University of Stuttgart

    • Teaching students computer basics at the university like Linux, Latex and Python.
    • Helping the students when they have problems.
    • Explaining the solutions of the excercies to students.

    Working as a Waiter

    07/2018 - 07/2019


    • Working as a waiter for catering companies and in arenas.

    Various jobs

    2015 - 2018 (discontinuous)
    • Other short time jobs like working as a band worker for Daimler and NPR of Europe GmbH.

    Advanced Skills

    Technologies that I used a lot with several years of experience during my work and education. Python is the skill that I invested the most time in. I have used it to solve physics problems, conduct simulations, solve differential equations, for data visualization, for file conversion and automation of tasks. Additionally, I have also used it to work in a group on joint software projects. I use Ubuntu at work and on my private machines because of bash and high degree of customization. Latex was used to write many lab reports, my Bachelor's and Master's thesis. Lammps is a software package for Molecular Dynamics, that I used in my Master's thesis to run classical and Machine Learning simulations.

    Python 70%
    Git 50%
    Linux 60%
    Latex 70%
    Lammps 60%

    Basic Skills

    Technologies that I have used a bit and have a basic understanding of: Gimp, HTML, CSS, Matlab.